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We hear from healthcare professionals like you that the critical issue you are facing today is how to manage patients throughout an episode of care and to empower them to adhere to their care plan at home.

Differentiating your practice and driving patient satisfaction requires you to engage and connect with patients, while having greater visibility into their preparation and recovery.

Recupe is the comprehensive platform that can help you virtually deliver joint care for patients at home.

Watch this short video to see how you can use Recupe to drive patient engagement and differentiate your practice.


The blueprint for success across the continuum of care
With Recupe, you can manage care episodes from pre-surgery through post-surgery with full visibility into patient compliance and recovery metrics.


Gain visibility into the patient’s entire episode of care, from pre-op preparation to recovery

You know that successfully managing recovery requires managing everything from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery. Through the use of Recupe platform, you support your patients in their preparation toward surgery via exercises and education, and stay connected with them as they follow their care plan with AI-powered reminders to drive engagement.

Empower your patients

Empower them to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for surgery. Support them in managing their recovery in the comfort and safety of their own home.



Successful outcomes require engaged patients. To engage patients, focusing on their experience is paramount.

We deploy the latest in user-experience design, adult-learning theory, and AI to engage patients. Our light-weight sensor is easy to both wear and remove, on and around any affected joint. It needs no recharging. Our app is intuitive with carefully crafted sessions for patient self-care.


Visibility into how the patient is managing to their care plan is critical.

Our sensor collects joint mobility data; the app gathers symptoms, pain, and medication data. You and your staff have visibility into this data.


Post-acute care delivery requires coordination across the ecosystem of care providers – from nursing and rehab facilities to home health to outpatient physical therapy.

We provide visibility into your patients recovery across all the providers in the recovery journey.


The right amount of services coupled with patient self-management can optimize the services needed for effective recovery.

With Recupe, you have visibility into the patient’s recovery and services used so that you can determine service optimizations.


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