Expand Your Practice…Virtually

Expand your reach, while also increasing the number of patients you can see.

Enable patients to manage their own care and gain recovery insights.

For all musculoskeletal surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Keep Patients Engaged

Expand care beyond the clinic and keep patients’ engaged.

Increase patient satisfaction and gain more referrals.

Value To Practice

No upfront cost to clinic.

Incremental value to clinic under both fee-for-service and bundled payment.

No clinic disruption

No clinic disruption and white glove approach to patients.

Drive clinic efficiency, increase patient throughput.


Virtual Care Delivery Platform

Patients manage their care protocol at home twice a day. Protocols are customizable to your practice.

Clinic team has visibility to patient’s adherence and recovery progress.

Real time telemetry gives you insights to deliver personalized care and intervene quicker.

FDA Class I (Exempt) and HIPAA compliant solution, with data portable to EHR.

Proven value models for your practice

Chart your own blueprint for success across the continuum of care

Fee for services – Proven reimbursement codes with Medicare and private payors. We train your billers.

Value based care / Bundled payment – Optimizing post-acute care costs. We help you implement them.

Digitize your care protocols

Fully customizable to your care protocols, pre-op and post-op instructions.

Recupe is Simple to Implement

No clinic disruption and white glove approach to patients. Drive clinic efficiency, increase patient throughput.

Clinic Onboarding

Virtual training for you and your team.

Patient Engagement

Virtual onboarding with white glove approach to patients.

Simplified workflow

Quick access to patient progress, and remote charting

Watch this short video to see how to monitor patients remotely using the Recupe Virtual Clinic

Want to know why our patients are so excited?

See for yourself from these conversations with patients.

“Recupe made me feel more connected with my surgeon”

“Recupe is easy to use”

“Recupe drives measurable results”

Managing Episodes of Care

Gain visibility into patients in entire episode of care, across transition of care between multiple care providers.

You know that successfully managing recovery requires managing everything from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery, and non-surgical care.

Through the use of Recupe platform, you support your patients via exercises and education, and stay connected with them as they follow their care plan with AI-powered reminders to drive engagement.

Empower your patients

Empower them to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for surgery. Support them in managing their recovery in the comfort and safety of their own home.