Reimagining Aging and recovery in place

At Plethy, we are reimagining care by supporting aging and recovery in place through our virtual care delivery platform.

Plethy was founded by a board certified practicing physician and tech industry leaders. With over 150 years of combined medical and technology knowledge, the team is committed to enabling healthcare providers to deliver virtual care to patients and empowers patients to manage their own care at any time.

Patients manage their care protocol at home twice a day. Clinic team has visibility to patient’s adherence and recovery progress. Real time telemetry drives personalized care and quicker intervention.

Providers can finally strike the balance between quality, access, and cost with our technology and dynamic data.

Our focus is on Musculoskeletal Care

We focus on musculoskeletal care as a foundation for overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Joint health gives us independence to follow all the paths life may take us, or to forge our own path. Joint health leads to a better quality of life and the ability to perform normal activities of daily living (ADL) – at home, at work, or at leisure.

Joint health is also critical for managing chronic conditions. As we all grow older and live longer, the costs of joint care will only increase, further adding to the burden on society.

Our ethos

Plethy’s ethos is Always Caring. This manifests in all that the Plethy team does for patients, clinicians, partners, and our team.

This Is Us

Multidisciplinary team from technology and healthcare

Raja SundaramCEO
Hari HarikrishnanChief Product Officer
Lynnea HuberOperations
Ravi JagannathanData Science
Chris SimmonsSales
Pantea Dunn, MSN, NPClinical Coordinator
Andrea GuleraCustomer Experience
Jill Burbach, MAPatient Experience
Jason JeggeQuality & Regulatory
Sam LintonProduct, Algorithms
Paul ChiricoChairman

Clinical and Industry Advisors

Dr. Hunter GreeneClinical Advisor, Orthopedics
Dr. Paul SasauraClinical Advisor, Orthopedics
Dr. Kevin MurrayClinical Advisor, Orthopedics
Dr. Gary Goldman, DDS, MDFounding General Partner, GHIF
Dr. Bohdan ChopkoScientific Advisor
Dr. Usha SriramAdvisor, Chronic Care
Margaret MetteAdvisor, Hospital Administration
Paul HumphriesAdvisor, Med Devices and IoT

Our Vision

Curious about our name? It’s Greek and Geek!

The word Plethy comes from an ancient Indo-European word that gave us plethora and plenty — denoting abundance.

In medicine, plethysmograph is key to measuring volume changes (“fullness”) from circulation.

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