about us

Plethy is a digital health solutions company based in Silicon Valley focused on enabling healthcare providers to delivering joint care to patients at home.

Plethy’s ethos is Always Caring. This manifests itself in all that the Plethy team does, whether it applies to patients, clinicians, our own team, or our partners.

Aging is Moving...Forward™

Joint health gives us independence to follow all the paths life may take us, or to forge our own path. Joint health leads to a better quality of life and the ability to perform normal activities of daily living (ADL) – at home, at work, or at leisure. Joint health is also critical for managing chronic conditions.

As we all grow older and live longer, the costs of joint care will only increase, further adding to the burden on society.

Our Vision

Curious about our name? It's Greek and Geek!

The word Plethy comes from an ancient Indo-European word that gave us plethora and plenty — denoting abundance. In medicine, plethysmograph is key to measuring volume changes (“fullness”) from circulation.

We at Plethy aspire for an abundance of health and good Qi (“circulation”) for everyone.

This Is Us

Multidisciplinary team from technology and healthcare

Raja Sundaram


Hari Harikrishnan

Chief Product Officer

Ravi Jagannathan

VP, Data Science

Lynnea Huber

Director of Operations

Pantea Dunn, MSN, NP

Clinical Coordinator

Chris Simmons

Director of Sales

Sam Linton


Paul Chirico


Clinical and Industry Advisors

Margaret Mette

Advisor, Hospital Administration and Nursing

Paul Humphries

Advisor, Medical Devices and Industrial IoT