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Caring for musculoskeletal conditions is critical for overall health – whether during a surgical recovery, to care for an injury, or to prevent one.

Recupe – Deliver Care Continuously


Recupe Sensor – Wear anywhere...track any movement

Our patented sensor is designed to be easily worn anywhere on the body. This allows for precise tracking of different types of joint movements. Tracking patients' range of motion for flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, or rotation has never been this easy, nor have the measurements been this easily reproducible.


Recupe App – Intuitive...Engaging

It is not an app. It is a vehicle for delivering digitally curated care plans to your patients. Designed first for simplicity and for engaging experiences, the app assists patients to adhere to your instructions for their preparation towards and recovery from surgery. Patient compliance follows from engagement and empowerment.

Recupe Care Cloud – Intelligent...Adaptive

Stay on top of the preparation and recovery of your patient population. Provide them timely support. With Recupe, you can literally chart their optimal arc of recovery.

Ensure adherence with Recupe

Caring continuously for less requires the right level of patient adherence.

An engaged patient who adheres to the care plan is critical to successful outcomes. We address this need by ensuring the patient not only gets connected via the sensor and the app, but stays engaged in their recovery. The data generated from patient engagement and adherence gives visibility into patient's adherence to care plan. As a result, Recupe helps augment care delivery.


Post Acute Care: Data-driven...Optimized

How can we optimize the patient outcomes and service utilization during recovery?

40% of costs in an acute episode falls in the post-acute phase of the episode – after the patient leaves surgery. To deliver value-based care that improves outcomes and reduces unnecessary services, the ecosystem of providers need to be aligned.

With Recupe, stay on top of the patients' recovery and the services utilized, leveraging the closed-loop data exchange between patients and clinicians.


Recupe: The Arc of Care Optimized


Recupe: Enabling Triple Objectives

Strike the Balance – Quality, Access, and Costs

Can we have it all?

Recupe lets you achieve the triple objectives of delivering care with efficacy.

Quality: Improve outcomes using the constant flow of data from patient to providers. Ensure patient engagement to drive adherence and self-management.
Access: Extend the geographic reach of your services to care for more. Optimize your consult patterns to reduce the time spent on avoidable visits.
Costs: Aligning the network of providers in an entire episode of care not only allows for smooth care transitions, but reduces the overall financial footprint of care.