It Takes a Village to Deliver Care

Delivering quality care efficiently requires healthcare systems to:

  • Connect patients, clinicians, and caregivers using sensors and apps
  • Engage patients and clinicians in the care journey with contextual information and encouragement
  • Orchestrate care delivery across specialists in the care delivery ecosystem


Achieving balance between costs of care and better outcomes is impossible without applying the right technologies to augment care delivery.

Home Recovery: RecupeTM to the Rescue

RecupeTM is a comprehensive digital health solution including a wearable sensor, smart phone app for the patient, and a web app with a dashboard and communications platform for care providers.

RecupeTM for Care Plan Adherence

An engaged patient who adheres to the care plan is critical to successful outcomes. We address this need by ensuring the patient not only gets connected via the sensor and the app, but stays connected and engaged in their recovery.


Our recovery management engine combines contextual prompts, behavior modifications, adult learning theory, and AI to guide the patient empathetically though their recovery journey.