recupe platform

Recupe is a comprehensive joint care platform that includes a versatile wearable sensor, an intuitive smartphone app, and an intelligent care cloud.

Recupe Sensor

Wear anywhere, track any movement

Our patented sensor and app provide visual feedback on exercises being done to the patient and clinicians.


Recupe App

Intuitive and engaging

More than an app – a vehicle to deliver digitally curated care plans, designed with simplicity and an engaging experience in mind. The app assists patients in staying engaged to their care plan per their doctor’s instructions as they prepare for and recover from surgery. Engagement and empowerment results in higher patient compliance.


Recupe Care Cloud

Intelligent and adaptive

Manage the patient population through preparation and in recovery. With Recupe, surgeons can chart the optimal arc of recovery and provide timely support.


We deploy the latest in user-experience design, adult-learning theory, and Artificial Intelligence to engage patients. Based on the data collected from the sensor and the app, we provide feedback to drive patient engagement to their care plan. This data allows the care team to keep track of patient adherence to care plan.